Dutch reaction: more Sochi medals

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The podium was colored orange again, Wednesday, after the 5,000m speed skating for women, with Ireen Wüst earning a silver medal and bronze going to Carien Kleibeuker. Martina Sábliková from the Czech Republic was faster with 6:51:54 and took gold. Nevertheless it was the fourth medal for Wüst, who won gold on the 3,000m and silver on both the 1,000m and the 1,500m. Her time of 6:54:28 earned her a third silver medal in the 5,000m. Kleibeuker earned bronze with a personal best of 6:55:66.

Speed skating fans are going wild with many expressing their support on Facebook and Twitter. Public relations firm Edelman Amsterdam sent out a photo on Twitter of employees taking some time out of their day to watch the men's ten-kilometer race in a company conference room. Jorrit Bergsma surprised everyone by beating Sven Kramer and Bob de Jong in one of four races where the Dutch owned the podium. One Twitter fan writes, "Huh? Gold for Czech Republic on 5,000m skating? You mean other countries besides the Netherlands are in the race too?' But the fans also congratulate Sábliková for her well deserved gold medal."

Another fan wrote on Facebook, "There we go again! Ireen Wüst grabs silver again and bronze goes to Carien Kleubeuker. Great, what an accomplishment! Well done, ladies!" Thursday is a day of rest for all Dutch skaters. So far the Dutch have won 21 medals in the Sochi winter Olympics.