Salami with E.coli pulled from shelves

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The Italian company, Fiorucci, pulled 4,230 packages of 80 gram Salame Milano off the shelves in the Netherlands because they may be contaminated with E.coli. Albert Heijn is the only Dutch supermarket carrying the product. The bacterium E.coli VTEC was found during a check by Campofrío Food Group.

The affected packages were sold in the Netherlands between January 30 and February 13. Only packages with expiration date April 21, 2014 are affected. The product was also distributed in Belgium and Austria. Fiorucci assures there was no threat to the public health, but the bacterium can cause stomach cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea. Customers are requested not to eat the salami, but to return it to Fiorucci at Freeport 54, 7404 VB Deventer for a refund. Fiorucci also has a service number available, 0570 505 525 for anyone needing information.