PVV gets boost from low gov't confidence

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The PVV, with Geert Wilders as party leader, is steadily gaining votes, according to the latest poll among 900 Dutch, by TNS Nipo, a Dutch research agency. The party would now occupy 30 seats in Parliament, which is 9 more than during the parliamentary elections in 2012.

Compared to all other parties the PVV is doing very well and would be the biggest party in the House. The VVD and PvdA are still losing more votes, a year and a half after the 2012 elections. The VVD lost 17 seats and is down to 24, the PvdA lost 23 seats and is down to 15 seats. If elections were to be held now, the SP would be good for 19 seats, CDA for 16, ChristenUnie and 50Plus 6 seats each, GroenLinks 4 seats, and SGP and PvdD 3 seats each. The only other party that is also experiencing a steady growth is D66. They would score 24 seats, compared to the 15 in 2012. The TNS Nipo poll also shows the Dutch have no confidence in the Rutte-II cabinet. Although only 14 percent of the surveyed showed confidence in the coalition parties, less than one-third expects the cabinet to fall, and more than one-third expects the Rutte-II cabinet to finish its term.