PvdA lose seats after Plasterk scandal, according to poll

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The Labour Party(PvdA) has lost two seats this week in the political poll from Maurice de Hond, leaving 12.  De Hond says that the decrease comes from the outrage surrounding minister Ronald Plasterk. The CDA has won 1 seat, and now has 19. That score only happened once before in the last 3.5 years. The CDA is now equal with the VVD. 50PLUS has risen with 1 seat to 4 if elections for the House of Parliament would happen now. For the rest, no changes happened. From explorations made by De Hond, it appears that 48 percent of the voters think that Plasterk knowingly lied in October last year, about the collection of data from telephone conversations. 28 percent says that he did not lie. Approximately 30 percent think that he was unaware of what actually happened. 47 percent thinks that he should step down, while 35 percent don' t think so. Especially PVV and SP voters think that he should step down.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte addressed this issue in Sochi. He believes that Minister Ronald Plasterk will come out favorably in the upcoming debate on Tuesday about the data collection practices of the information services. "I have a lot of trust in the debate. He (Plasterk) will give very good answers", prime minister Mar Rutte said on saturday to dj Edwin Evers from Radio 538.