Police hunting missing man; crime suspected

Police are looking for 50-year-old Henk Vierwind, who has been missing since December 6. Apeldoorn police searched his home and property on the Mildert in Nederweert for clues on Monday. Witnesses are requested to come forward.

So far, police investigation uncovered that Vierwind reportedly had a meeting on the Mildert on December 6.

henk vierwind
courtesy politie.nl

At the time Vierwind and his girlfriend were staying somewhere in the Veluwe because of threats.

Vierwind's car was found in Rotem in Belgium, the same day, December 6, around 14:30. The investigation revealed the car had been there a day earlier than was initially reported. Several witnesses confirmed to the Belgian police they had seen the car there since that Friday afternoon. A search in the area with sniffer dogs remained unsuccessful.

Based on the developments so far, a forensics team started a search on the property and the home on Monday, and they will continue on Tuesday. They are looking for any clues, but do not rule out they may encounter Vierwind's body, according to police spokesperson De Ronde.

Vierwind's car, a blue Volvo V40, license plate 3-KPS-83, was found on a parking place in Rotem, at the "Chapel of the Resistance"  on the Brugstraat.

Henk Vierwind is 1.85m (6ft.1"), normal build with a stubbly beard, short blond hair combed back, graying on the sides with long whiskers. Vierwind also has multiple blue-colored tattoos that are normally covered by clothing, according to the police.

The police are looking for anybody who has information about the car, with or without Henk Vierwind in it, or about the meeting at his property.

Anyone with information can call 0900-8844 to be directed to East Netherlands Police in Apeldoorn.