Human traffickers caught near German border

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The Royal Military Police from the Northeast border brigade arrested 3 men during a mobile surveillance security (MTV) check on the A-37 for suspected human trafficking, Monday afternoon.

The police pulled over a van on the A-37 near Klazienaveen. The driver and his two passengers, 23, 46, and 56-years-old, all provided valid ID's.

A-37 near Klazienaveen

However, when the police checked the cargo area, which was supposed to be empty according to the driver, they came across another man, who could not present any identification.

After conflicting stories from the driver and the cargo passenger, who claimed to be Egyptian, the police arrested the bunch. The three Dutch, one from Meppel and two from Emmen, were arrested for suspicion of human trafficking. The alien was transferred to alien detention.

Officers of the Royal Military Police found two Lithuanian passports during a search of the home of one of the suspects, that turned out to be fake, and were registered as stolen. Led by the Public Prosecution Service Northern Netherlands, the case is under further investigation.