All Dutch get first aid card

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The Red Cross wants to supply all Dutch with a first aid card, containing important medical information for first aid responders, states the new CEO, Gijs de Vries, to ANP (Netherlands national news agency).The purpose of the card is to provide tailored care in a more timely matter to people in need. The card will contain information, such as whether the carrier is a diabetic, has a CPR statement, or is an organ donor.

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Valerie Everett,

The first aid card is not intended as a Electronic Patient File, according to the new Red Cross director.

Responses to the card so far are positive, even though it's still in a research phase. The Dutch Patient and Consumer Federation, and the National Physicians Association are respond positive to the introduction of a first aid card, stated De Vries.

The new CEO aims to familiarize the Dutch with all facets of the Red Cross in the area of emergency care, and the card is one of several initiatives to accomplish that goal. It's important that people understand that the Red Cross embodies more than first aid responders in red uniforms with a gray first aid kit.