Millions for UMCG Research mindfulness in cancer

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KWF (Dutch Cancer Society) provides psychological researchers from the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) with a grant of 1.1 million euros for research on mindfulness and behavioral therapy in cancer patients with depression. The research should lead to a tailored, personal advice for cancer patients.

Researcher Maya Schroevers gets a personal grant of more than 500,000 euros. This grant will enable her to work on her own line of research for six years, in which the recognition and treatment of depression in people with cancer is central.

Radio Nederland Wereldomroep/ Flickr

Moreover, Schroever has received a grant of nearly 600,000 euros for a study on the effect of treatment of depression in people with cancer, along with her fellow-researcher Joke Fleer.

In a number of studies Schroevers and Fleer will study the needs of people with cancer that suffer from depression. The research will focus on studying the effectiveness of mindfulness training and cognitive behavioral therapy in reducing depressive symptoms in people with cancer. The main question is who primarily benefits most from which therapy, leading up to what is already known as Personalized Medical Psychology, providing tailored 'psychological care.'