New MOU allows extradition of Rwandan war criminals

Fred Teeven
State Secretary Fred TeevenFred Teeven

The Netherlands has signed a memorandum of understanding MOU with Rwanda that will allow the kingdom to extradite Rwandan war criminals.

The Ministry of Justice and Security announced the signing of the MOU; State Secretary Fred Teeven who is on a tour of Rwanda and Burundi has said that the agreement makes that “the Netherlands no longer is a safe haven for war criminals”.

Many Rwandan war criminals who were involved in acts of genocide in 1994, have fled to Europe to escape punishment. The Netherlands and Rwanda agreed in 2010 already to find a joint solution to this problem, however, extraditions proved difficult. So far only it has been granted for only one war criminal; a court in The Hague has ordered that the man be sent back to Rwanda to stand trial for genocide.

Teeven said that it is “incredibly impressive” to see with his own eyes how Rwanda is shaking its war tainted history. The MOU also includes an exchange in legal expertise; the Netherlands will help the African nation to set up a witness protection program and with the construction of a special prison where war criminals will be incarcerated.