Psych clinic manager murder: update

Residents of Berkel en Rodenrijs can barely grasp that one of their neighbors was murdered in cold blood, while walking his dogs. Rob Zweekhorst, a manager at GGZ inGeest in Amsterdam, was walking on the Dokkummerstraat, not far from his home, in the evening of January 1st, when he was shot dead by an unknown person. 'I'm really upset,' says resident Karin Rouwen. 'This is a quiet neighborhood, with many children. Unimaginable.'

crime scene
Alan Cleaver

After the shooting , the perpetrator fled in the direction of the Oostmeerlaan. The dogs ran home and alerted the wife of the victim, who then found her husband.

20 detectives are working on the case, who are reviewing the life of Zweekhorst.  The police do not rule out more people are involved in the shooting. The circumstances of the shooting are still unclear and all scenarios are taken into account.

The police would like to get in touch with people who have information about the case, 'no matter how insignificant it may seem.' Friday the body will be submitted to an autopsy.