Melkert: unemployment up to 5%

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A Labour committee, headed by former party leader Melkert, believes the EU and the Dutch government should strive for an unemployment rate of no more than 5 percent.The EU should not only look at the budget deficit. Eliminating two deficits simultaneously is the way out of the crisis for the Netherlands and for Europe.

Ad Melkert

Melkert pleads to head 'left,' out of the crisis. According to the former party leader, the economic crisis is a symptom of deeper causes. The report offers alternatives to the dominance of financial capitalism.

The head of the Labour committee calls for more control by the government, and the need to invest in work and innovation. People, who make up the social capital, are more important than finance capital, according to the committee.

Melkert is aware that the changes take time. Labour leader Samson appreciates the report as a valuable contribution to the debate on the heading for the medium term.

Ad Melkert served as a member of parliament and a minister. After the great defeat of 2002 he stepped down as Labour leader.