Schiphol bids on airport Rio

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Schiphol has partnered with the French Aéroports de Paris and two Brazilian parties to make ​​a bid for a stake in Galeão Airport in Rio de Janeiro. Four other consortia have also placed bids. Which consortium gets the concession will be disclosed Friday.

The owners of Heathrow and Frankfurt Airport also participated in the bidding, according to Brazilian media.

Schiphol does not want to disclose the height of its bid until Friday. The Brazilian government believes the airport to be worth at least one and a half billion euros. Galeão handles about  17.5 million passengers per year, making it the second largest airport in Brazil.

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Schiphol previously also participated in a bidding on the airport of São Paulo, with over 32 million passengers the largest in the country. A consortium of a Brazilian and a South African company got that concession.

It is expected that air traffic within and to Brazil will grow considerably in the coming years, partly due to the World Cup next year and the Olympics in 2016.

The Brazilian government decided a few years to privatize the airports, mainly to get much-needed renovations done.


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