Week in review: November 9-15

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The round-up of some of this week’s most noteworthy events and news stories features: €400,000 euro found inside women smugglers, a nude parade through downtown Amsterdam for World Diabetes Day, Photo Show Human Side of Breast Cancer, Joran van der Sloot wants new trial, and Amsterdam coin minter busted.

Haiyan: After the devastating typhoon passed over the Philippines, leaving countless death and millions in destruction in its wake, friends and family are desperately trying to contact the victims in the affected area, and relief supplies are pouring in. Many are still unaccounted for and some areas are still hard to get to. Read more in Dutch relief supplies to Philippines


“It kept coming out of them …” a spokesperson for the Marechaussee said Thursday in a report about two women from Ecuador who had been held at Schiphol Airport with an impressive sum of money heaped within and upon their bodies. Read more in: €400k found inside women smugglers

An Amsterdam based minter, arrested by police last week, was apparently living the high life while ducking from creditors, and reneging on promises he was making to clients. “Patrick O. always dined in the finest restaurants and liked to be around beautiful women, read more in Amsterdam coin minter busted

The Dutchman Joran van der Sloot, imprisoned in Peru, is challenging his deportation from Chile. The issue will be addressed by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights on November 18, reported his Peruvian lawyer in the United States, Aldo Cotrina, Friday in an interview with the Peruvian TV channel ATV +. Read more in: Joran van der Sloot wants new trial


Women afflicted with breast cancer have the resolve within themselves to face
their fears, maintain their femininity and ultimately fight the disease with
strength and dignity. Read more in Photos show human side of breast cancer


On November 14 a group of “naked” people walked through the center of Amsterdam. This group is known as the Diabetes Gang, who pointed out the consequences of the disorder on World Diabetes Day. Read more in 'Nude' parade through downtown for World Diabetes Day.


The third floor of the Royal Palace in Amsterdam will be open to the public next summer. For the exhibition “In vol ornaat”, visitors are allowed to look around in the large and the small Court Martial ChambersThird floor. Read more in Royal palace temporarily open to the public



An example of Terraced Housing from Universe Architecture (handout photo)


His design of a floating bed was named  the best invention in 2006 by Time Magazine, but his home from a 3D printer was also appreciated worldwide. Now the Amsterdam architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars again comes up with an innovative design: terraced houses with a 360 degrees view. Read Amsterdam architect designs 'terraced housing' with 360 degree views

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