Wilders: historical covenant Le Pen

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The PVV and the French Front National are going to work together in Europe. At a press conference in The Hague the leaders of both parties called it a historic collaboration.

Both Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen stressed they want to go to Brussels together to get their country's sovereignty back and to again become masters of the money and the laws of their own country. The liberation from the EU élite begins today, according to Wilders.

Wilders welcomed Le Pen Thursday morning in the Binnenhof and gave her a tour of the House. He invited her over because he wants more influence in the European Parliament. The PVV is not currently affiliated with a European group.

National Front was founded by Marine Le Pen's father, Jean Marie Le Pen. He has been convicted several times for anti-Semitic and xenophobic statements. Marine Le Pen distanced herself from his statements.

Although the daughter of her father, Marine Le Pen is not the daughter of all his statements, stated Wilder. There are differences between the parties, but they are of one mind when it comes to power of Europe.

He added he rejects the statements of Jean Marie Le Pen, but he deals with the leader of the National Front, whom has not a trace of racism or anti-Semitism in her. She is a pure democrat.

The press conference in was heavily guarded. Journalists had to be present half an hour before the start, were searched and there were no seats. The entrance was guarded by ME and police on horseback.