Piet conflict in Amsterdam-Zuidoost

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The council of Amsterdam-Zuidoost wants the Sinterklaasintocht in the district not be granted a permit. The council adopted a motion of the Labour Party in which the district council is called upon to refrain from an entry with Black Peter.The Labour Party says many blacks in Zuidoost have negative and painful feelings regarding the phenomenon Zwarte Piet . An entry with Black Peter would be seen as a provocation .

Michell Zappa
Wikimedia commons

The party states both the supporters and opponents of Zwarte Piet are guided by strong emotions, and the debate on the Sinterklaas issue is conducted on the razor's edge. In the end fifteen councilors voted for the motion; fourteen voted against .

Borough Herrema will not honor the motion, he announced on Twitter. Refusing a permit because of the possibility of unrest, goes against the principle of democracy. He sees no valid grounds for refusal.

Herrema does want to engage in a discussion about the entry of Sinterklaas.