Long prison sentences for brutal rape 19-year-old

Two Eindhoven residents (28 and 31 years) were sentenced to eight and nine years in prison for kidnapping and raping a young woman from Turnhout.The oldest suspect also received TBS, determined the court in Den Bosch Monday. The penalties are the same as the Public Prosecutor demanded.

judge's gavel
Chris Potter

The then 19-year-old victim was pulled into a car on New Year's Eve of 2012 in her hometown Turnhout, and blindfolded. After she was raped several times in a house in Eindhoven, she was showered to erase traces, and in the morning she was abandoned on a deserted dirt road in Waalre.

The case received much attention in the Dutch and Belgian media. After months of research, the two main suspects were identified.

The judge said the incident was very humiliating and terrifying to the victim, and sentenced the men to pay the victim a compensation of 20,000 euros.