Extreme weather, 140 km/h winds expected today

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The stormy weather in the Netherlands continues on Monday. The Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI) announced a code orange for Monday.

On Sunday wind gusts of 100 km/hr were measured near IJmuiden. The KNMI expects speeds up to 140 km/hr on Monday.

Definition Storm

According to the KNMI there is significant confusion about the heavy winds of this weekend. Some weather sites were talking about a storm, while one can only talk about a storm when wind force 9 has been holding on for at least 10 minutes. In climatology that should even be a full hour. One can speak of a heavy storm at wind force 10, a very heavy storm at wind force 11 and a storm with hurricane power at wind force 12. On Monday the KNMI expects gusts up to wind force 11.

Effects on traffic

The stormy weather on Monday will start already in the early morning and will have a huge impact on the traffic. The KNMI advises people to only drive if it is necessary. Cyclists have to beware offalling branches anddebris. Besides falling branches one can expect a lot of falling leaves which can make roads slippery.

On Monday the KNMI expects more traffic jams and people driving should be very cautious. On Sunday there wasalready an increase in accidents because of the weather.

Falling branches and leaves might disrupt the train traffic. Power lines may disconnect. NS and ProRail have therefore reduced the number of trains. Although this causes busier trains and longer travel times, they do this to avoid real calamities. More personnel will be at work on Monday to remove leaves and branches from the tracks.

Air traffic is affected as well. KLM has announced to reduce flights on Monday. How many flights will be cancelled is not yet sure. KLM will monitor the situation on an hourly basis. Travelers of flights which already have been cancelled have been informed personally.

Boat traffic will be affected as well, most ferry services from Harlingen to Vlieland and Terschelling have been cancelled.


Stormy weather goes hand in hand with damage. Some material damage due to traffic accidents have already been reported. Noord Holland saw an increase in incoming emergency calls. In Zeeland and Zuid Holland it was fortunately a little less busy. Most reports on fallen trees and other damage came from towns in Zuid Limburg: Heerlen, Kerkrade, Maastricht and Geleen.


Mirjam Meijer contributed to this report.