Foundling Roermond has sister

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The child who was abandoned in Roermond in June has a sister, who was also abandoned, announced the Roermond Public Prosecution.The DNA of the boy, found in a park on June 18, matches with that of a girl, abandoned two years ago near Keulen. The children have the same biological mother.

The mother is not yet been found. The prosecution and the police  are considering asking the public for help in the near future. Whether the children have the same father is not clear.


The German girl was found  along a highway on October 20, 2011. The prosecution and the police are seeking coöperation with the German authorities.

The two-week-old boy was found on an early morning in a park on the Wilhelminalaan in Roermond. A passerby heard him crying. He was wrapped in a white towel.

Shortly after the boy was transferred to a foster home. The mayor of Roermond registered his birth at civil registration, but the name of the boy was never disclosed.

Child Protective Services thinks it's it extremely important for the boy to have at least part of his identity back. Children who do not know where they come from, may suffer tremendously later on, because they don't know who they are, according to Richard Baker from CPS.

The Council will now consult with the Germans whether the boy can be reunited with his sister, who has since been adopted. Pending the decision the newborn will stay in the foster home. The court has asked for extension of the temporary custody for three months.

According to the Youth Welfare Office the baby is doing well. He eats, drinks, and sleeps well and is overall a very happy little boy, according to a Youth Care Assistant.

It is of the utmost importance to find him a stable family, preferably with his sister, where he can grow up in all anonymity, according to a Youth Welfare spokesperson.


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