Yab Yum may not again become sex club

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The former luxury brothel Yab Yum in Amsterdam may not again become a sex club. An application for a permit was rejected by Mayor Eberhard van der Laan.Yab Yum had to close its doors in early 2008, after the City withdrew the license. The owner then filed a new application for authorization, but the National Bureau Bibob reviewed the application and ruled there was serious risk of abuse of the permit, according to the mayor in a letter to the council.

Chana de Wolf

Since September 21, a museum is housed in the building of the former sex club. According to the mayor this fits into the zoning plan does not require a permit.

In the museum at the Singel visitors can take a tour of the rooms on four floors, where previously thirty prostitutes worked.

The original decor - padded walls, chandeliers, tinsel, a whirlpool in each room - are mostly intact. The ladies who once worked there and their customers are now replaced by puppets.

The license was previously withdrawn, because the City suspected it was misused for criminal activities. The sex club, founded in 1976 by Theo Heuft, always exercised a great attraction on serious criminals.