Arriva wants to ride Fyra route

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Transport company Arriva wants to ride the Fyra route. It is in the interest of the traveler and the taxpayer for Secretary Mansveld to seriously examine the plan, according to  Arriva director Hettinga during a hearing in the House.Arriva wants to offer fast trains, together with Deutsche Bahn, between Amsterdam and Brussels. By the end of next year they could ride nine times a day, and in a few years they could deploy new high-speed trains, that can reach speeds up to 300 kilometers per hour.

David Arthur
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Hettinga stressed that Arriva serves the public to everyone's satisfaction in the east of the Netherlands, while the company was previously ridiculed. State Secretary Mansveld focuses too much on the NS. Previously, Hettinga accused the government of giving unlawful aid to the NS. Arriva wants Mansveld to take three months to study the plan.

The NS and the Belgian NMBS questioned the plans of Arriva in the hearing.