Meat Selten may be sold

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4.4 million pounds of suspicious meat from wholesale Willy Selten can be sold, writes curator Jaap van der Meer in his second report on the bankruptcy of the Oss company. According to the curator, there's nothing wrong with the meat.In April it came out that meat wholesale Willy Selten BV had been selling questionable beef for years. The company was not doing well financially and Willy Selten started fiddling with horse meat.

Photo by dottorpeni/Wikimedia Commons


The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) seized the meat because it wasn't clear where it came from. Research by an expert proved it originates from EU approved plants, according to Van der Meer.

The curator will appeal to the court if the NVWA does not allow the meat to be sold after all. He states in his report that a batch of meat that is infected, will not be sold.

The NVWA will not honor the request of the trustee and will only release the meat once the curator proves the origin. He has not done so to date and so the meat stays where it is, according to NVWA spokesperson Benno Bruggink.

The NVWA recalled about 110 million pounds of suspicious meat from this company in April. The recall results were poor. 90 percent of the meat NVWA was looking for was never found, presumably already consumed.