Battery biggest problem Fyra

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The biggest flaw in the Fyra V250 was the battery. It had major difficulties with charging, overheating, the isolation and grounding, to name a few things. The battery actually had to be redesigned, concludes the Irish research agency Mott MacDonald in a report that came out in May this year, commissioned by the NS. The report is in the hands of the NOS.Mott MacDonald notes that the Fyra V250 could very well be repaired. The agency is even reasonably positive about the train: the design is of a high standard and is praised for its completeness. In almost all respects the V250 answers to the specifications. But for the battery, which is really a problem, and further there is much to be said about the workmanship.

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A sight inspection of the train brought many small defects to light. Among other things the inspectors found defects in the wiring, ceiling tiles were cracked, and problems in general were all solved in different ways. Restoration of the train would take seventeen months.

The NS decided, partly on the basis of this report, to cancel the contract with AnsaldoBreda. The Italian train builder has asked the court to make this and other reports public. The Amsterdam Court will rule on the matter next week.