Gangs sell loot in The Netherlands

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Stuff stolen in Netherlands by Eastern European gangs, is sold right here on the market. In most cases the loot is not taken across the border, as  was always presumed. This is evident from an examination of the Utrecht University.The stolen stuff is mainly offered for sale on the Bazaar in Beverwijk, the Albert Cuyp in Amsterdam and at the Afrikaanderplein in Rotterdam.

Especially Afghan traders buy the stuff from the Eastern Europeans. They remove the bar codes and other signs that betray the origin and offer the stolen wares in their stalls.

The Utrecht researchers spent a year talking to criminals and the authorities in Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. In those countries the Dutch are observed as naïve, because they often park their cars in dark spots and leave their phones on terrace tables, according to the researchers.


Eastern European criminals do not believe they are doing anything wrong. In their opinion they steal from the system,  not from the people. They also think they have the right to retrieve money from here, because often European subsidies disappear in the pockets of corrupt Eastern European politicians.

Police in Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria are very critical of the Dutch police, according to the Utrecht University . They are considered lazy, slow and bureaucratic, making coöperation difficult.