Wilders Protests Against Romenians

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PVV leader Geert Wilders protested on Monday at the Romanian Embassy in The Hague,  against the opening of borders for Bulgarian and Romanian workers.

Wilders came to deliver a letter in which he is expressing his concern about the arrival of Romanians and Bulgarians, who are free to come to work starting January 1, 2014. Wilders was received at the embassy for an interview. After the meeting the PVV leader said he was ‘received well’ and that the Romanians 'had listened to him’.

Wilders carried a traffic sign that said 'no access' in Dutch and Romanian. He was not allowed to take the sign with him into the embassy. Upon arrival at the embassy he initially placed the sign on the street in front of the embassy.

Summit EU migration The Hague

The show of Wilders was at the same time that there was a summit in The Hague on EU migration. Central theme is the labor driven EU migration.

'Asscher must come back today from the European summit and say we changed our minds and Romanians and Bulgarians are not welcome after January 1 in the Netherlands', Wilders told the press. The Dutch population is more than worried. Nearly three-quarters indicate to fear more crime and a more pressure on the labor market, said the PVV leader.

Hans van Baalen lashes out

VVD leader for the European elections Hans van Baalen lashed out at Wilders on Monday. Van Baalen said he had looked at the protest of the PVV at the Romanian embassy in embarresment. ‘I was actually almost expecting the slogan ' Romanians raus'. “This is absolutely not the way how we should treat each other in Europe.” said Van Baalen on the action of Wilders .

According to Van Baalen, Wilders insults Romanians and he does not understand that economic growth helps both Dutch and Romanians in Europe.