Big Hemp Raid Brabant

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The police arrested ten people on Thursday, at various places in Brabant, in connection with illegal cannabis. 14 Hemp nurseries were dismantled, two hemp dryers and there were five addresses located where the found cannabis plants.

In 12 different cities and towns in Brabant, the police went energetically to work. On the special action day on hemp, the police took action in Bergen op Zoom, Best, Eindhoven, Etten-Leur, Eindhoven, Helmond, Kruisland, Loosbroek, Mierlo, Roosendaal, Terheijden and Oudenbosch.

A total of ten suspects were arrested and more than 2,500 plants destroyed. In the two hemp dryers was 16 kilogram of dry hemp seized. There was also a car confiscated.

The manager of the electricity network will also report power theft. In almost every house where a nursery was established, power was illegally tapped.

Of the ten suspects, three are in police custody.

I t was a bad day for hemp smoking Brabant and a successful day for the Brabant police force!