Possible tropical weather ahead

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The Netherlands still has some sunny and warm summer days ahead. Thursday will even be a superb beach day. The local temperatures can reach 30 degrees.In the next few days the temperatures will gradually go up, says Weeronline on Tuesday. Thursday there will be fewer clouds, little wind and the temperature will rise to 25 degrees by the ocean and 28 to 29 in the southeast of the country.

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The forecast predicts another tropical day on Friday with temperatures around 30 degrees. The heat will linger throughout the evenings.

A tropical day in September occurs once every five years in the south of The Netherlands, says a spokesperson for Weeronline. The last time that happened was in the Limburg Ell, in 2009. The temperatures rose to 30.3 degrees on September 8th. The Bilt hardly ever measures tropical temperatures in September.

On September 4th, 1929, the south of the country measured a temperature of 35.3 degrees, which was the highest recorded in history.

After Thursday the chance of showers and thunderstorms will increase, but the temperatures remain high. The weekend forecast also shows higher temperatures, with a tiny chance of a local heat wave.