Week in Review: August 9-16, 2013

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The round-up of some of this week’s most noteworthy events and news stories features the complete coverage of Prince’s Friso’s death and the art heist in Rotterdam, Pirate Bay’s latest answer to its accessibility hitch, a fresh Fox Netherlands campaign, a group of devastated fans during a surprise concert in Amsterdam, and responses to the present Dutch debt crisis.

Prince Friso's Death. This week, we highlighted several stories on the passing of Prince Friso, including his burial and reactions on his death from local personalities as well as overseas.  The report on his death was followed up with a medical story on brain injury.

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Pirate Bay Browser Avoids IP Blockade. Pirate Bay, a website that offers torrent files and makes file sharing possible, has found a way to correct its accessibility issue. Could this be the solution to a restriction problem on its website? Read the Full Story

No Pictures of Prince. A surprise concert by American singer-songwriter Prince was held in Paradiso, Amsterdam. But the real surprise came when a number of fans left early without finishing the entire performance. Read the Full Story

Fox Launches ‘Welcome to Dutchland’. Fox Netherlands has introduced its first integrated campaign to promote the channel, featuring some of the most iconic Fox characters. Read the Full Story

Reactions of the Dutch Debt Crisis. With the current economic recession, the government has responded to the growing concern over debts and deficits. Experts also shared their views on the worsening financial state of the country. Read the Full Story

Continuing coverage of the Art Heist in Rotterdam. For the past several months, NL Times has covered one of the biggest art heists in Dutch history and in the world: the Kunsthal robbery. We will continue to follow this remarkable story and bring you the latest news developments.

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