Reactions To Prince Friso's Death

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The death of Prince Friso on Monday has shocked many people around the world. Hundreds of cameramen gathered in front of the palace in The Hague where the Prince died. Dutch journalist and numerous foreign colleagues try to get a glimpse of anybody who goes in and out and many Dutch visit the palace to lay down some flowers.

Not only was the death of Friso prime news at the Dutch TV broadcasters, radio stations and newspapers, but also from the United States to Australia the death was broadcasted.

Besides the English news channels like the BBC, CNN and ABC News, the news was also shown at non-English channels like the French press bureau AFP and all the German broadcasters. Even Chinese media, like State Press Bureau Xinhua and China News, took there time to inform their countrymen about the death of the Prince.

In practically all German newspapers, a country where the Dutch royal family is very popular, the news hit the front page. Der Spiegel opened with, "Nach 18 Monaten im Koma: Niederländischer Prinz Friso gestorben."

Well-wishes and memorials have come from everywhere and at the Dutch they received until 6:30 am Tuesday morning more than 13,000 messages of people, who want to wish strength to the Royal family and Princess Mabel and the two kids, Luana and Zaria.

Reactions of the government

In a first reaction Prime Minister Mark Rutte said that the death of Prince Friso was ‘intensely sad’.  Rutte who was on holiday on Monday hurried back to the Netherlands and has arrived early on Tuesday.

At his official reaction and reaction of the government is:

‘Despite everything what has happened, this news comes as a shock. Prince Friso was only 44 years old and stood until the skiing accident, now about one and a half year ago, in the middle of life. For Princess Mabel  and their two daughters Luana and Zaria it must be difficult to comprehend that they now have to really go on without their husband and father.  Our thoughts are foremost with them.’

‘Also for Princess Beatrix the loss is indescribable. A child that dies, is the very worst a parent can encounter. King Wilem-Alexander, Queen Maxima, Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien loose a brother and brother-in-law, who meant a lot to them. Also for them this is a black and very sad day.’

‘The most important that I want to say at this very moment, so shortly after the passing of the Prince, want to say to Princess Mabel and the rest of the family, is that the whole of the Netherlands is grieving with you and that we wish you much strength and power in this difficult and sad time.’

‘Prince Friso will remain in our thoughts as a man with a broad interest, who always used his many talents for serving the society. Professional and passionate, that was his style. We remember Prince Friso with the deepest respect.’

Minister Frans Timmermans (Foreign Affairs) writes at Facebook: 'A very black day. Rest in peace, Prince Friso. We will mourn for loosing a special man, who was always himself and always cared for others.’

Reacties van Eerste en Tweede kamer

The chairmen of the House and the Senate, Anouchka van Miltenburg and Ankie Broekers-Knol announce in a reaction to be very sad about the death of Prince Friso. “ After the terrible accident which happened to Prince Friso, many have sympathized with Princess Mabel and their kids. Despite the serious condition, there was hope for recovery. Unfortunately it may not have been.”

Leader of ChristenUnie, Arie Slob: 'I am deeply affected by the news of the death of Prince Friso. My sympathy goes out to his wife Mabel and his children.'

Also Henk Krol leader of  50PLUS writes on twitter. 'I am totally silent because of the shocking news. My sympathy goes to the family and friends of Friso. I wish you strength and power.'

'In sadness we have heard the news about the death of Prince Friso. Our sympathy goes to his loved ones and especially to the Royal family. We wish them all the strength for the difficult period ahead', says Halbe Zijlstra, group leader of the VVD in the House, in response on the news of the death.

By twitter, SGP leader Kees van der Staaij says,  that his sympathy goes to the family: 'Very sad news that Prince Friso has passed. Our sympathy goes to the Royal family.'
Diederik Samsom (PvdA) also directs his condolences to the family: 'We are deeply shocked by the death of Prince Friso. Our sympathy goes to the family of Prince Friso, Princess Mabel and their daughters. Our thoughts are also with Princess Beatrix, King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima, Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien. We wish them all great strength in this difficult time.'

Alexander Pechtold (D66) wishes the family strength with processing this big loss. ‘D66 has unfortunately learned about the death of Prince Friso en wishes all the survivors much strength. I wish Princess Mabel and her family, Princess Beatrix and the Royal couple strength by processing this big loss and the difficult and uncertain period that preceded it.'

Leader of SP Emile Roemer, thinks in his first reaction of Beatrix. 'I wish the Royal family much strength. I highly appreciate how Beatrix, Willem-Alexander and Maxima, despite the sickness and serious condition of Prince Friso, have taken care for their duties. I wish especially Princess Mabel and the children much strength in the coming period.'

GroenLinks group leader Bram van Ojik: 'Our sympathy goes to the Royal family. I wish them all the strength with carrying this big loss.'

The CDA gives the condolences to the Royal family. 'With sadness I have learned about the death of Prince Friso. I want to give my condolences to his wife Mabel, their daughters Luana and Zaria, Princess Beatrix and the Royal family. I hope they will feel supported by the deep sympathy of the Dutch people', says Sybrand Buma.

Geert Wilders leader of PVV  twitters that he is deeply affected. ‘Deeply affected by the death of Prins Friso. My thoughts go to his family, Mabel and the children. Wish you much strength in this difficult time.’

Employer and foundation

'An enormous tragedy can be said to everything what happened to him', says director of the Prince  Claus Foundation, Christa Meindertsma. Together with his brother Constantijn, Friso was Honorary President of the cultural foundation, since the death of their father . ‘He was very active, energetic, visionary and  involved with the foundation. He was very sensitively interested in the work of the foundation.’

TNO, where Friso worked from 2004 for seven years as the, part time, co-director of TNO Space, announced: “We think with much respect and warm feelings back to the time that he was working with us.”


Belgian Prime Minister Elio di Rupo expresses hi sympathy by twitter. ‘My sincere sympathy to the Dutch Royal family and all the Dutch, with the death of Prince Friso.'

The Belgian Queen Mathilde has given her sympathy by phone to Queen Maxima. King Filip has tried to reach King Willem-Alexander, but could, according to a spokesman of the palace in Brussels, not reach him yet.

The mayor of Lech, Ludwig Muxel, is deeply touched by the death of Prince Friso. 'Like many citizens of Lech I knew the Prince since he was a kid.’ His sympathy goes to Princess Mabel, the children of Mabel and Friso, Princess Beatrix, King Willem-Alexander and all the other members of the Royal family. (The accident of Friso happened in Lech, a town in Austria where the Royal family goes skiing every year.)