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The first unexpected occurrence of Prince on Sunday evening in pop temple Paradiso in Amsterdam, lasted for some fans only briefly. They were expelled during the concert, because they took pictures of the pop star with their iPhone. Before the show the fans were warned that this was not allowed.

Prince gave Sunday evening the first of two surprise concerts at the Amsterdam pop temple.

After an hour one of the fans twittered: "Was a nice hour Prince, until I was kicked out because of making 2 Iphone pictures. Many other people with me too."

Visitors noted that strict supervision was held on photographing spectators. "Never seen so much security," twittered another visitor. "There were people removed."

Two Surprise Concerts in Amsterdam

The news about the performances was only announced on Friday by 3FM. Tickets were on sale on Friday from 6.00 pm for 100 euro each. For every concert there were 1500 tickets, said an employee of the pop temple, which were sold out in 7 minutes.

The first concert started at 19.30 and at midnight the American artist gave the second show in the main hall.