UN Probe Team to Visit Syria

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A UN team in charge of investigating the supposed use of chemical weapons in Syria will meet in The Hague and leave for Syria in the coming days.

Rally in support of Syrian President in 2011
Photo by The Egyptian Liberal/Wikimedia Commons

"The team will consist of 10 experts from the Organization including the head of the mission for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the World Health Organization," representative Martin Nesirky said.

"The team will depart for Syria as soon as possible," Nesirky added.

In March, Swedish specialist and ex-UN weapons inspector in Iraq Ake Sellstrom was requested by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to assemble a probing team to look into the allegation of chemical weapons in Syria.

The Syrian government and the opposition pointed fingers at each other on the issue of using chemical weapons. The two parties have rejected the accusation.

Ki-moon said over 100,000 civilians died in the Syrian collision. A further 1.7 million residents have been constrained to search for refuge in nearby countries.