First Bio-Resin Bike

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An eco-mobility company based in the Netherlands called Van.Eko has just launched the world's first bio-resin bike and it will soon be available in the country.

An E-scooter from Denmark
Otuzniak/Wikimedia Commons

The newest technology in transportation in the country is so far the most sustainable scooter. The electric scooter, or 'Be.e,' is made from a mix of flax and natural fiber.

NPSP Composites, a Dutch firm which aims in developing sustainable and fibre-reinforced plastics, provided the bio-based materials. The company tested the special flax, resin, and hemp mixture for a couple of years to see if the combination is fit for client use and production.

The NPSP Composites produced a sustainable solution for its production. The combination of the materials makes the vehicle very sturdy and lightweight. Furthermore, Van.Eko worked with other sustainable company Waarmakers for the design of the e-scooter.

The latest scooter features a 4 kilowatt electric motor with a maximum speed of 55 kilometres per hour on it 48-volt battery. A 600-watt charger is also included on the Be.e.  The bike can be rented, according to Van.Eko’s website.