Trade Mission Rutte Carribean Parts

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Prime Minister Mark Rutte began on Sunday with a visit to the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom. The aim of the visit is to strengthen mutual economic relations within the Kingdom. He is accompanied by a Dutch trade delegation.

The strategic position of the Dutch islands in the Caribbean can be used much better. Dutch companies want to cooperate with the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom to do business in the wider region, especially countries like Brazil, Colombia and Panama.

Rutte landed Saturday on Aruba. He visits Sunday the Aruban Prime Minister, Mike Eman, and the Aruban governor, Fredis Refunjol. The Prime Minister and the trade delegation will go the rest of the day on a tour and visit twenty Aruban companies.

The tour includes the Valero refinery and the Vader Piet wind farm. They will also pay a visit to the Coast Guard.

On Monday Rutte travels to Curacao. After Curacao he will also visit the islands of Bonaire, St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba. On Saturday, July 20, Rutte flies back to the Netherlands.