Man’s Challenge: London to Amsterdam

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34-year-old Paul Greenep faces a tough challenge to raise money for a Parkinson’s charity and a new DNA drug research that may slow down the degenerative disease, get Surrey reports.

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On Sunday, Reenep of the UK will begin his cycling, swimming, and running from London to Amsterdam in five days. This is to raise £53,000 for a Parkinson’s aid organization and benefit a drug research.

Greenep and his friends thought of it over a beer drinking session. He and his seven other friends will be accompanied by athlete Robbie Britton to take on the My House to Your House challenge. They will have to finish over 537km and swim the Channel and run, which is comparable to one and a half marathons.

By now, the men earned a remarkable £47,000. They still have to work on the £53,000 target.  Will Cooper-Mitchell’s father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Cooper-Mitchell is one of the participating members; hence, the team chose the charity.

In the last couple of months, the team went through training including open water swimming in cold temperatures with no wetsuits and a day of tough graft with Britton. Britton is an ultra runner who is ranked as world number 17 now.

The expedition consists of a 427 kilometer by bike, a 44 kilometer relay channel swim and a 66 kilometer run on the last day.

“The My House to Your House team have already raised a phenomenal amount of money for our charity and the support that they have generated among friends, family and the general public is incredible,” Chief Executive of Parkinson’s UK Steve Ford said.