Renovation Thialf

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The province of Friesland has reserved 50 million euro for the renovation of the Thialf in Heerenveen. The provincial council of Friesland has made this decision on Wednesday afternoon.

The renovation of the Thialf is now a fact, regardless of the choice that the ice skating association, KNSB, will make in the battle for the new sports venue for ice skating in the Netherlands. If Thialf is not going to be designated as the top location than it 'complicates the operation, but it can still be done’, said a spokesman for the province.

Icedome Almere was appointed as provisional winner in May in the procedure for the choice of the location by the selection commission of the KNSB and NOC*NSF. After protests from Friesland, the KNSB decided to postpone the final decision until September 8. The skating association wants more research into the financial soundness of the three candidates, TranSportium Zoetermeer, Thialf Heerenveen and Icedome Almere.

Icedome Almere disagrees because they think that it takes too long. Therefore Icedome has filed a lawsuit against the KNSB that comes before court on July 4.