PvdD Wants Ban On Fungicides

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As far as the Party for the Animals is concerned, there will be a ban on substances in pesticides, which 'very likely' cause of the so-called resistant aspergillus fungus. This fungus causes severe pulmonary infections in humans.

PvdD MP Esther Ouwehand called on Thursday for an immediate ban on five substances in pesticides used in the cultivation of example cabbage and carrot.

Especially people with lower resistance can get a serious lung infection by the fungus that is difficult to treat because the fungus has become antibiotic insensitive and this can lead to life-threatening situations.

The resistant fungus spreads with a fast pace, first only in the air but it has now also been found in houses.

Research shows that the resistant fungus looks on a molecular scale, greatly on different kinds of fungicides, especially on five fungicides which have been admitted to the Dutch market from 1990.

Esther Ouwehand: "The Netherlands is in the top three of the world when it comes to use of poisons in agriculture. More and more research shows that people here are literally sick from those poisons. That's not acceptable. The poisons that most likely cause the resistance in fungi, must be dealt with. Economic interests should not prevail over the public health".