University Maastricht Successful

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Maastricht University (UM) can count themselves among the best 'young' universities of the world. This is evident from the annual ranking of Times Higher Education Magazine (THE) for universities that exist less than 50 years.

Maastricht rises in this top 100 from place 19 to the 6th spot. “The Maastricht University is steadily advancing. That is an exponent of the power of the Dutch educational system as a whole,” says the chief editor Phil Baty of THE.

In the capital of Limburg they are proud of the high rank. “The university is extremely pleased with this ranking position,” said UM Board Chairman Paul Martin. “The increase was somewhat expected, but we did not dare count at such a high position in the top 10. This result shows that a modern, multidisciplinary approach to university education and research is paying off.”

UM has to tolerate two universities from South Korea and universities of Switzerland, Hong Kong and the United States above them in the ranking. The list is headed by the South Korean Pohang University. To make the list, the researchers check  how often research of a university is cited, they do a survey among 16,600 academics worldwide and they look at how many international students are active at the universities.


Dutch universities are also doing well in other rankings of the prestigious magazine. The overall ranking for universities worldwide shows 12 of the 13 Dutch universities in the top 200.