car and motorcycle trade takes a plunge in turn over

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The setbacks in the trade sector will persist as the car and motorcycle trade in the Netherlands are expected to decline in the second quarter.

Ed Callow (flickr)

The trade in cars and motorcycles reduced to 17 percent compared to the first three months of 2013, according to Cbs.

This is the second biggest turnover drop based on the reports of Statistics Netherlands. This is the highest rate in revenue loss since 2009. Moreover, there was an abrupt fall in businesses focused on trade and repair of cars and motorcycles. Importers of cars also went through similar reduction in turnover at 23 percent.

Other neighbouring countries like France, Luxembourg Belgium, and German have experienced the same struggle in the past year.

The decrease in sales is the major cause of the revenue drop. In April, a survey was done among businesses and the results show that half of them agree that the major problem is the deficiency in demand.