Questionable Grolsch Action

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Owners of cafes that serve Grolsch beer, are afraid that the action of Grolsch , where they give coupons which gives right to a free second beer, will lead to alcohol abuse under young people. This was reported by the Telegraaf.

Lodewijk van der Grinten, director of the KHN (Organization for Catering and Hospitality sectors),  says, “This is simply a cheap trick of Grolsch to earn easy money. Together with the government we work really hard to decrease the alcohol abuse among young people. We try to reduce the ‘happy hours’ and try to prevent promotions with low prices. That Grolsch comes up with this action now is really sick.”

KHN already received tens of calls from worried cafe owners who foresee problems because of this campaign.

Grolsch is going to distribute 10 million of these coupons via Facebook, supermarkets and on the street.  There is no maximum number of coupons per person.