100 Tips Lost Brothers

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The broadcasting of Opsporing Verzocht, which also paid attention to the two missing brothers Julian and Ruben from Zeist, has yielded the police more than 100 tips. During the police program they asked the public for even more information. This was reported by the NOS.

The program was mainly about two pieces of evidence, a towing line and a piece of strap, which were found near the body of the father, who committed suicide at a recreational area near Doorn. This afternoon it was made public that father wrote a farewell letter at the day before he died. Remarkably, this letter didn’t contain anything about his sons.

Opsporing Verzocht also showed footage from a security camera in Leersum, where the father was seen that night. The footage showed also another car. The police now wants to be in contact with the driver of that car. That person might have seen whether the brothers were sitting at the back seat or not.