Man Dies in Shooting

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The man who died last Sunday evening after a shootout in the Charlois district of Rotterdam had been hit by a police bullet, according to the police early on Monday.

The victim was a 29-year-old male from Rotterdam. It is not clear yet, according to a police spokesperson, if the fatal blow was by the bullet or if he had other injuries. The only ones who fired their guns, however, were the police.

At around 6 pm, City Surveillance officers approached the man at the Carnissesingel. The man fled, after which the City Surveillance alarmed the police. When the police tracked down the man at the Fazantstraat,  he was armed with a striking and stabbing weapon. The police shot the man. Two ambulances arrived at the scene plus an air ambulance but they were too late to help the victim.

Nothing about the circumstances has been disclosed yet. At the crime scene, a striking and stabbing weapon was confiscated. Because it is a case where policemen themselves were involved, the State Investigation Department is investigating the case.