Child Cancer Raise A Success

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The Wednesday TV special “Together Against Child Cancer” has raised over 3.5 million euro (3,556,000 to be exact). A total of 711,200 symbolic stones were sold each for 5 euro. The collected money is intended for the construction of the Princess Máxima Centre in Utrecht. The amount may still grow because the campaign is not yet finished.

The presenters Antoinette Hertsenberg and Andre van Duin announced around midnight the final yield of the charity broadcast on Netherlands 1. The TV show was the culmination of the campaign of KiKa, which raises money for the realization of the Princess Máxima Centre. This new hospital is supposed to rise in a few years alongside the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital in Utrecht.

Many famous Dutch cooperated with the TROS program. Van Duin and Erica Terpstra together managed a team of telephone operators. Frans Bauer hosted a talent show where children took the stage with their idols Andre Rieu, Guus Meeuwis, The Toppers and illusionist Sittah.

Cancer is the most common cause of death among children. One out of four children does not survive the disease. By putting knowledge and research all under one roof, oncologists believe that the survival rate in the coming years will increase to 95 percent.


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