Youri Lieberton

Loyals co-owner Gillian Robles
Feb 29 '20 09:00

When the owners of Dutch marketing firm Loyals told their full-time employees they would get an extra day off every week with no salary cuts, the staff was wary, to say the least. While everyone was pleased with the idea of working 32 hours weekly instead of the more traditional definition of “full time,” they could not initially understand how they could possibly finish their tasks at hand.

Office space
Jan 29 '20 16:00

Marketing firm Loyals in Mijdrecht is experimenting with a four-day work week for the month of February. The firm is cutting its 100 employees' hours down to 32 hours per week, with no wage cut, Gillian Robles and Youri Lieberton, partners in the company, said to newspaper AD.

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