V&D bankruptcy

Jul 12 '16 11:40

It's been over six months since retail chain V&D was declared bankrupt and the vast majority of its stores are still empty. Only 26 of the 63 V&D properties found a new permanent tenant or have a good prospect of finding one soon, AD reports based on its own research.

Jun 9 '16 16:15

The V&D brand name is getting another chance. The bankruptcy administrators reached an agreement with three entrepreneurs about taking over the brand rights. They plan to open a V&D online store

May 18 '16 15:00

Canadian department store company Hudson's Bay plans to become a major player in the Netherlands - the company plans to open some 20 department stores in the Dutch market in the coming years, NOS reports based on sources.

Apr 6 '16 11:55

At least six V&D stores are permanently closing their doors on Friday. These are stores that sold most of their stocks in the liquidation sale, a spokesperson for the bankrupt department store chain said

Mar 23 '16 10:28

The first 25 V&D stores are open for their final close-out sales on Wednesday. This includes stores in, among others, Oss, Deventer, Goes, Haarlem and Sittard

Mar 8 '16 14:10

A number of V&D stores may reopen temporarily for a closeout sale to get rid of the remaining store inventory. The administrators working on the chain's bankruptcy are discussing the option with a number of property owners, a spokesperson confirmed

Feb 17 '16 08:07

"Disappointment in thousands of capital letters", is how union CNV refers to bankrupt retail chain V&D's collapse after nearly 130 years of business. The 62 V&D stores were closed from Monday. The plan to rescue the in-trouble retailer fell apart on Tuesday. And from Wednesday about 8 thousand employees are out on the street.

Feb 15 '16 12:17

Stores of bankrupt retailer V&D will be closed for at least Monday and Tuesday, during which time the stores' stock will be inventoried. Whether or not they will reopen after Tuesday, depends on negotiations about a takeover or restart, the bankruptcy administrators announced on Monday

Jan 7 '16 16:45

The works council of bankrupt retail chain V&D submitted a request to the bankruptcy administrators that private equity firm Sun Capital not be involved in the future of the chain. The council blames Sun Capital's withdrawal from the chain for its bankruptcy

Jan 1 '16 12:11

Now that retail group V&D is declared bankrupt, bankruptcy administrators Kees van de Meent and Hanneke de Coninck are working hard on a possible restart. V&D CEO John van der Ent has hopes that this will succeed. "This bankruptcy does not mean the end of V&D and La Place", he wrote in a letter to his employees on Thursday.

Dec 23 '15 08:47

Financially troubled retailer V&D is back on the road to bankruptcy. The company filed for suspension of payments on Tuesday and the court in Amsterdam granted it on Wednesday morning

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