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Sep 30 '16 09:05

The wage gap between management and the average employee grew again in the 1,000 largest Dutch companies last year, according to Statistics Netherlands. The five top earners per company earned over 6 times more than the average worker, compared to 5.5 percent in 2010.

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May 25 '16 07:44

Six top police officers still earned more than a minister last year. This is a significant improvement compared to 2014, when 20 police officers earned more than a minister's annual salary of 178 thousand euros.

Feb 16 '16 16:40

A total of 22 Amsterdam municipal officials earned more than the so-called "alderman norm" of 154 thousand euros in 2014. The alderman norm, implemented by Amsterdam in 2010, states that officials can not earn more than an alderman - 154 thousand euros per year

Jan 27 '16 07:38

Twenty police officials earned higher salaries than the Security and Justice Minister in 2014. The biggest earner was Bernard Welten. He earned 258,994 euros, the Justice Minister earned 177,410 euros, Dutch newspaper AD reports based on information received through the Freedom of Information Act.

Jan 20 '16 09:31

The top earners at the 1,000 largest companies in the Netherlands on average earn six times more than an average worker, according to calculations done by Statistics Netherlands after looking at the five top earners per company.

Sep 14 '15 11:26

Over 850 thousand people of the 13.1 million people in the Netherlands with a taxable income, fall in the highest tax bracket. These people receive an annual income of more than 56,531 euros and have to pay 52 percent tax.

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