Jun 22 '16 09:37

There are serious flaws in Europe's policy in admitting asylum seekers and it is the police forces that suffer from it, according to the European Police Union (EPU). Police forces in the Netherlands, Balkans and Germany are understaffed and ill-equipped to process and screen the large number of asylum seekers flowing through the EU, the union concludes in a survey of police officers

TBC-foto 208
Mar 10 '16 12:43

For the first time in years the number of tuberculosis cases in the Netherlands increased last year, according to the national institute for public health and environment RIVM. The increase can completely be attributed to asylum seekers coming from countries where TB is prevalent.

Mar 3 '15 12:22

The GGD (public health service) discovered a non-contagious form of tuberculosis (TB) ina a former student of the Rotterdam Academy which corresponds with the TB bacterium found in another student of the same academy early in 2014, Hogeschool Rotterdam announced on their website.

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