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Seal pup Tio rescued from a road in Den Helder, 25 Dec 2016
Jul 10 '18 10:00

The Dutch government no longer wants to take in sick or injured seals, unless they were injured by human action, Minister Carola Schouten of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality wrote to parliament. She is thereby adopting the advice of a committee that researched seal shelter in the Netherlands. The committee concluded that a 'hands off' approach should apply to sick or stranded seals, and that their care must be more professional, ANP reprots.

Mar 2 '16 15:00

Seal center Pieterburen took in another, very rare, jet black seal pup, the second in a month. This animal also has melanism, the opposite of albinism that turns its coat completely back.

The young seal was found completely exhausted on an artificial sandbank near Egmond aan Zee on Monday. She had some superficial injuries, but nothing more serious, according to ANP. The public will be able to see her from Wednesday.

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