Ruud Bik

Rene van Berlo working at Oisterwijk refugee center
Dec 11 '15 14:15

While the arrival of so many asylum seekers in the Netherlands puts pressure on the police's capacity and resources, the idea that they cause a substantial increase in crime is "absolutely incorrect", according to deputy police chief Ruud Bik.

Mar 24 '15 14:48

The Dutch police is not at all able to combat serious crime effectively, according to former detective Michiel Princen. He says that there is "a lack of intelligence" in the detective force, NRC reports.

Sep 19 '14 10:24

National Ombudsman Frank van Dooren believes that there is a macho culture within the Dutch police force, and that executives within the police are too quick to turn a blind eye to any accusals of excessive force used by their officers, reports.

Mar 6 '14 13:47

more than 100 party front-runners of the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) have spoken out against the marijuana regulation.

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