Rotterdam Court of Auditors

Feb 12 '20 14:10

Rotterdam's social return project, in which the municipality obliges contractors to create internships or workplaces for unemployed Rotterdam residents, is only partially successful, according to the Rotterdam Court of Audit. The project did create 2,500 work- and internship spots in 2018, but the municipality missed many opportunities to help job-seekers, and only about half of the vacancies were filled by job-seekers who live in Rotterdam, the Court of Audit said.

Apr 6 '17 07:38

The city of Rotterdam's data protection and information security is so poorly organized that Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb may be in danger, the Rotterdam Court of Auditors concludes in a report that the Volkskrant managed to get hold of. The report states that the mayor is at "real risk of physical danger", the newspaper reports.

For example, attackers could relatively easily get access to Aboutaleb's secret agenda or email to get information on where to attack.

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