Roald van der Linde

Money laundering
Sep 11 '19 14:30

The VVD wants banks to check city council members for money laundering and signs of links to the criminal underworld, like the payment systems of national politicians are already monitored, VVD parliamentarian Roald van der Linde said to BNR.

Oct 7 '15 14:15

Those seeking asylum in the Netherlands should have no access to the current collection of rent-controlled social housing on the market, VVD parliamentarian Roald van der Linde told the AD. “Refugees that come from a warzone must be happy with whatever they get,” he firmly stated.

For Rent
Sep 2 '15 08:42

Coalition parties PvdA and VVD can not agree on how to address the growing demand for rental housing caused by the ever increasing number of refugees. They do, however, agree that Dutch residents should get priority when it comes to rental housing, and not refugees.

no image
May 4 '15 18:22

Converting offices, unused hospitals and care homes into housing can provide millions of euros worth of extra work for the construction and housing sector.In the best-case scenario, the program will help create an extra 1,800 residences a year, which should generate around 140 million euros in extra work, according to Economic Institute for Building Industry (EIB

Oct 29 '14 10:40

The coalition parties want more rental houses built so that the waiting lists can become shorter.

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