Prakken d'Oliveira

Nov 8 '18 09:11

A North Korean laborer who worked at a polish shipyard under horrible circumstances filed a lawsuit against a Dutch company who had built ship hulls there. According to the man, the company was aware of the poor, almost slave-like, working conditions, reports.

Law firm Prakken D'Oliveira, who is representing the North Korean man, announced the lawsuit in a statement on Thursday. The name of the Dutch company is not mentioned, as not to hinder the Public Prosecutor in an eventual criminal investigation. The man's name is withheld for his own safety, the law firm said.

A homage to Berta Caceres
Nov 1 '17 15:50

Dutch development bank FMO is at least partly responsible for the death of Honduran activist Berta Caceres in March last year, according to the conclusions of an international team of human rights lawyers in an investigation report published on Tuesday. The Dutch bank helped fund the construction of a hydroelectric power plant in Honduras, protests around which ultimately resulted in the activist's murder, the Volkskrant reports.

AIVD office in Zoetermeer
Sep 1 '15 10:07

Dutch intelligence service AIVD has once again been intercepting confidential conversations between lawyers and their clients, this time with law firm Seebregts & Saey in Rotterdam.

Ronald Plasterk
Jul 27 '15 14:11

The government believes that the intelligence agencies were not acting unlawfully by eavesdropping on lawyers' conversations with their clients in the interest of national security and will therefor appeal against the court in The Hague's ruling to stop this practice.

Jul 1 '15 11:57

Intelligence agencies must stop eavesdropping on confidential conversations between lawyers and their clients, the court in The Hague ruled on Wednesday morning.

Jun 17 '15 14:15

A number of Amsterdam law firm Prakken d'Oliveira's clients are refusing to communicate with their attorneys by phone or email because they are afraid that the General Intelligence and Security Service, or AIVD, is listening in

Apr 22 '15 10:00

Lawyer firm Prakken d'Oliveira has filed a lawsuit against the Dutch government for the AIVD eavesdropping on lawyers' conversations with clients, Volkskrant reports.

Apr 3 '15 09:39

A coalition of 32 organizations, companies and individuals are calling on Minister Ard van der Steur to develop a vision regarding protecting the privacy of citizens in the information society.

Ronald Plasterk
Dec 19 '14 10:48

The General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) often and for a long time listened in on conversations of lawyers and former lawyers of the firm Prakken d'Oliveira in Amsterdam. According to the firm, this is evident from Minister Ronald Plasterk's (Internal Affairs) reply to a complaint. Prakken d'Oliveira has terrorist suspects among their clients.

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